Used Ophthalmic equipment

The Foresight International Group for all your New & Used Ophthalmic equipment needs

The Foresight International Group provides the largest online inventory of used or pre-owned ophthalmic equipment as well as brand new ophthalmic equipment.

Through our vast network of suppliers, we are capable of supplying you with quality used ophthalmic equipment for all your ophthalmic equipment practise needs. We will save you both time and money by doing the required research and resourcing required to make the best buying decisions. The service we offer comes at no additional cost for our cherished customers in the USA as well as worldwide!

Before buying ophthalmic equipment, you need to consider what you need as well as how much you want to spend. Perhaps you need a single, manual instrument without a lot of bells and whistles, or you need to immediately replace a piece of existing equipment that has broken down but don’t have the budget to buy a brand new version. In such circumstances, you can purchase reliable used equipment with complete confidence from The Foresight International Group.

Products listed have been previously used, refurbished, or are demo units.

Benefits of purchasing used ophthalmic equipment from The Foresight International Group

Saves Money

Purchasing pre-owned equipment won’t cost as much as purchasing new equipment. If you are buying the equipment from us, we have done the needed research to provide you with the best pricing in the current market for high quality Ophthalmic equipment with warranties. Have you heard people talk about Tenadelyn Impressive Takeover It is a good one off product for discovering how to Improving your Eyesight minus the normal expense

High-quality equipment

You might be worried about purchasing high-quality equipment because the cost is high. However, you can buy high-quality equipment that has been refurbished at a lower price as we are often oferring specials when prices lower. So, before you decide to buy, contact us for a quotation today!

The Foresight International Group aims to help our customers find both new and used ophthalmic equipment, optical equipment, and associated optometry equipment and supplies. Visit our products page or contact us today about your ophthalmic equipment supply needs.