Tomey OPD-SCAN III wavefront aberrometer

Manufacturer- Tomey

Our OPD-Scan III Wavefront Aberrometer is an Autorefractor, Keratometer, Pupillometer (up to 9.5mm), Corneal Topographer, and Integrated Wavefront Aberrometer. The OPD-Scan III completes 20 diagnostic metrics in less than 10 seconds per eye (including angle kappa, HOAs, average pupil power, RMS value, and point spread function). Easy alignment and automatic capture of wavefront aberrometry data ensures accurate readings. Wavefront aberrometry data is gathered from available zones up to a 9.5mm area, adding the capability to provide for calculation of mesopic refractions. Blue light, 33 ring, placido disc topography is gathered in one second. Mapping methods include OPD, Visual Acuity Corneal Topography/Topographer, and more.


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