BARK-800 Autorefractor/ Keratometer



The BARK-800 Autorefractor/Keratometer by Burton is designed to measure the eye with ultra-precision and speed, providing reliable data for refraction and contact lens fittings. This compact machine is designed for patient comfort and is seamless to operate.

  • Comes with standard Burton 3 year warranty
  • Two operational modes designed to take measurements quickly
  • Retro-illumination imaging to help see crystalline lenses, cataracts and corneal scratches
  • Accurately measures iris & pupil diameters
  • Precise temperature sensor compensation
  • Ergonomically designed motorized chin rest
  • Automatic high-speed cutting printer
  • One touch lock-knob operation
  • 20 degree touch & tilt color monitor display
  • Sharp images with TFT LCD graphic user interface
  • Networking capabilities