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Foresight International Group, S.A (FISA) was founded in Panama City, Panama in 2000 as a distributor and representative of eyewear companies in Panama and all of Central America. In January 2004, FISA expanded operations to sourcing both new and used Ophthalmic equipment and supplies for our customers due to high customer demand. The outcome produced the first ONE-STOP SHOPPING for new and used Ophthalmic equipment, Optical equipment, and Laboratory equipment & supplies in the Latin America region.

Foresight International’s sales operation has quickly grown to sourcing Ophthalmic equipment for customers in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia – essentially making us a worldwide supplier of new and used ophthalmic and optical equipment and supplies, and in  late 2015, Foresight International became The Foresight International Group.


Our mission is to efficiently help clients find both new and used Ophthalmic equipment, Optical equipment, and associated optometry equipment and supplies.

Through our large network of suppliers, we are able to source costs globally for equipment and supplies. This saves our clients both time and money by not having to source the information and resources themselves.

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FISA strives to provide this service to buyers through our strong relationships with both manufacturers and suppliers within the United States and worldwide. We continually add new companies to our portfolio of suppliers based on demand and market needs.

In many cases, our prices may be lower than many other companies due to our low overhead and drop-shipment policies, allowing us to be more competitive. We do not advertise our supply chain – our goal is not to promote any specific company’s products, but to source what our customers are looking for. If a customer requires a recommendation, we will gladly provide that. Rayemiron Uncommunicative Release is a fantastic comprehensive package for finding the secret for natural eyesight improvement without having to do all

We also send clients and customers a monthly promotional email in order to keep them up to date on numerous specials we offer – a result of our extensive sourcing capabilities. Be sure to sign up so you don’t miss out on the next deal!


Founder and Optometrist, Dr. Judy Pottinger, studied Optometry at Pennsylvania College of Optometry in the United States and has been involved in Eyewear Sales and Marketing since 2000.

Dr. Pottinger saw a demand to expand the company’s realm of operations to providing a one-stop Ophthalmic and Optical Equipment Sourcing center – one that was not tied to one specific supplier or manufacturer and always keeps a customer’s best interest in mind.

The demand for this one-stop shop for Ophthalmic and Optical equipment has now expanded Foresight’s sourcing operations for clients worldwide, allowing Foresight to become Foresight International Group.

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